Toby, veins in his neck throbbing, seethed. “You got hard and marked her with cum, just like the rest of us.”

“But I never bit her!” Scrubbing a hand over his jaw, Kieran looked away from his First as if ashamed. “Cunts of all flavors are just down the hall. Females who desire nothing more than to please. You cannot trust one womb! She tried to kill you and you marked her for it!”

A hundred women, maybe more, waited in the pen to suck his cock with gusto on demand.

To debase themselves and do filthy things just for a moment of his attention.

And this mouse was practically a virgin. Unskilled. In no way eager.

Hated him.

And this little slip of girl is the one he’d bonded to in a passion.

Estrous or not, that foreign pining in his chest—the infectious pain—she was the cause!

The Beta doctor cleared his throat, swallowed, and began to set the bones in her other swollen, gnarled hand.

The Omega didn’t so much as blink. By all appearances her lavender-rimmed pupils told the story of a bitch in heat. But it was all a lie.

Warm, salty tears marked her blood-speckled cheeks. A deep sense of loss resonated through her spirit straight into Caspian’s heart.

His pretty mouse—the utterly still, wrecked girl—grew so far lost in her thoughts, it was as if she didn’t notice how the doctor manipulated her joints, the pricks of his needles, or the steady stream of Toby’s obnoxiously loud purr.

For all appearances, she felt no physical pain.

But it was a lie. Those violet eyes were clouded by hurt. She even inadvertently shrank when Caspian leaned over her to draw in a long analytical sniff.

He’d threatened the doctor so now she would not so much as whimper.

Fussing like a smitten schoolgirl, Toby grabbed a discarded pillow and fluffed it, adding it the makeshift nest he’d been building around her for the last hour. All of his efforts smeared with blood and reeking of Omega fear.

Knee to the mattress, he smooshed that pillow into place so she was cocooned in Caspian’s bedding, his voice suddenly soft. “There you go, my sunshine.”

A bonded male smitten with his mate.

One who practically vibrated with possession.

One who overstepped himself when he grabbed a creamy thigh, gently prying the Omega’s legs open. There, for the whole room to see was a cock-battered cunt that still seeped Caspian’s seed.

Between pretty, swollen labia oozed a pearlescent trail of male conquering.

Of domination.

As if he had the right, Toby reached forward and scooped up a palm-full of leaking cum. A moment later that same hand was smeared against the gaping wounds on the pretty mouse’s neck—rubbed in while Caspian roared.

The Third was flung across the room, Caspian pressing his female down into his mattress. Like a maniac he licked that cum from her wound. Cleaning his mate while offering a comforting purr.

Tongue fully outstretched, he caught himself.

Under him she was utterly still, oddly pliant.

Notched between her bruised thighs, cradled in the shape of her body, Caspian said the words before he could stop himself. “We could come to a compromise, you and I.”

Though she seemed asleep, the Omega rattled.

“Show me you’re willing to play by my rules, and I’ll keep my fierce little mouse.”

It wasn’t a compromise he sought, no matter the words. He wanted something she was utterly unwilling to offer.

The Omega didn’t want him. She didn’t want Toby. And Caspian suspected she loathed Kieran. But that thing caging the organs in his ribs hungered for more than her surrender.

“Be a good girl for me until your next estrous. Play house and please. Give me all an Omega owes her Alpha, and I will set your boys free.”

For all that she moved, she might as well have been asleep. She judged his word as valueless.

Listing his demands, Caspian began with, “I will fuck other women.”

Not so much as a flinch.

Irritated that she believed she could ignore him, Caspian licked at her lips. “Sometimes I’ll want those women to fuck you while I watch.

Chapter 2

“No.” Wiping blood from his lips, Toby returned to the ailing mouse’s side. Voice even, almost conversational despite the reek of rage that wafted from his skin, he said, “Our Omega would not enjoy being used by your sluts. Fuck whoever you want, Caspian, but my mate will know only our attention. If you still want Henrietta delivered wearing a big bow, I suggest you honor this stipulation.”

Ignoring Toby, Caspian put his nose to the mark that had shredded the Omega’s neck, ignoring how she stiffened at the word mate. “You will nest in this room.”

The Third refused to be unheard. “Caspian, your girls are not to touch her. I’ll put down every last bitch in the pen before I allow it!”

Caspian further doled out his commands. “I expect you to smile and purr. Obedience will be rewarded. Defiance will be punished.” Hand slipping up her bite-riddled leg, the First Alpha smiled. “You’ll see to my cock, to Kieran’s, and to Toby’s. You will learn to take all three of us at once, dripping pack seed from every last orifice. That is how you shall be paraded before my men.”

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