“Meet me tonight same time same place.”

“Hunter I don’t think I can…”

“You heard what I said, be there or bear the consequences.” I hung up before she could give me any more of her shit and went to prepare for the night ahead.

I found most of what I needed in my shop and threw it in the back of my truck. I would normally take the bike since it was easier to maneuver on the dirt tracks that led up to the old cabin, but I needed the truck to haul shit.


Oh boy. I think he knows, and if he does, then why am I going out to his cabin in the woods where no one can hear me scream? I was equal parts scared and excited as I drove through the already darkening winter evening.

He hadn’t said anything which is not his style, but his voice had sounded a little off. I know him that well that if there’s even the slightest difference in decibel I will pick it up.

I was hanging onto the hope that he hadn’t heard the news yet though. Sometimes he gets so busy in the shop that he wouldn’t come up for air for days. Plus he was training his new crew in a couple days and I know he’s getting ready for that.

I talked myself down so that by the time I was pulling up to the cabin I was mostly over my fear. I’d fallen in love with this cabin the first time he brought me here. I loved that it was so remote; that no one ever comes up here and there’s no one else around for miles.

I’d imagined all the illicit rendezvous we’d have here until I couldn’t put off telling dad about us any longer and was actually getting wet just thinking about it.

Is that what I’d heard in his voice? Was he missing me as much as I was missing him? I’m not quite used to his missing you voice, since we’ve hardly ever been apart except this last year. And even then he’d found the time to come see me every other weekend or so, or I’d make the trip home.

If that’s all it was I was more than happy to put off the little talk I’d had planned with daddy for another day. Nothing like putting off the inevitable, but I’d rather spend the evening under Hunter any day.

He came out on the little porch when I turned off the engine and I couldn’t see his face well enough in the dark to read it. But when he came to help me out of the car the way he always does, and took my hand in his to walk me inside, I didn’t sense anything.

We walked inside and there was farther proof that maybe I’d been worrying for nothing. It was obvious that he couldn’t have heard the whispers. The fireplace was lit and there was a candlelit dinner for two warming on the table. I relaxed and breathed easier. Now all I have to do is come up with the right words to tell him so that he doesn’t lose his shit. Not sure that’s even possible when it comes to this topic.


“How was the drive up sweetheart?” I took her coat and hung it on the peg by the door before taking her arm and leading her to the well-set dinner table. She didn’t know it, but this evening was going to be special and I wanted to do it right.

“Oh it was fine, there’s no snow on the ground yet…”

“You know I wouldn’t let you drive up here if there was snow on the ground. Have a seat.” I’m going to strangle her ass and bury her in the fucking woods.

She has the audacity to smile at me with this shit, while all the while some asshole out there thinks he has the rights to her. I didn’t give shit away when I seated her at the table and pushed her chair in before moving around to mine.

I took the warming covers off the steak and lobster dinner I’d ordered from the best seafood restaurant in the neighboring town, her favorite. She gave a delightful little squeal when she saw it and clapped her hands together like a little kid.

“So how was your day? You do anything exciting?” I paid attention to cutting into my steak like I didn’t have a care in the world. She didn’t answer right away; I’ll give her points for that. I’d like to think she was giving serious thought to coming clean.

“Umm no, I’m still just settling in you know.”

“Oh really. I’d think you have too much to do what with your impending nuptials and all.” I hadn’t planned to jump right in. I was going to at least let her enjoy her last fucking meal. But fuck this shit.

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