Now I have to replay shit in my head to see if I could pick up where the change started, trying to figure out how long she knew about this wedding shit and didn’t tell me. I remember the last time we were together, just two nights ago, when she creamed all over my cock.

There was something bothering her that night, and when she told me it was nothing, I let it slide, thinking that like every other time in the past, when I let that shit go, that she’d tell me when she was ready. But I never in a million years would’ve expected her to be hiding something of this magnitude.

That just goes to show what a great little actress she is. She would have to be, to keep our little affair a secret for as long as she has. An affair that we’d both wanted and have been enjoying right under the noses of everyone around us.

Now she was supposed to meet another man down the aisle in two weeks. I felt the heating of my blood at the thought and willed myself to stay seated and not fly off the handle, all the while plotting to wring her fucking neck.

I nursed my beer at the bar, not letting on to anyone there that the conversation was of any interest to me. Everyone had an opinion on the upcoming nuptials, whether it was a good match or not, which most seemed to think it was. Of course they would, he had almost as much money as her dad does.

And as long as I’ve known them, these fucks in this town I grew up in have only ever cared about one thing, money and how to get some. Though ninety-nine percent of them were barely middle class or below.

But here they were, measuring the pros and cons of her life based on someone else’s bank account. Like she needed that shit to be happy. Like money was all that was needed in this life to make shit work.

My anger grew by the second and I all but snapped the bottle in half when I slammed it down before getting up and stalking my ass the hell out of there.

I didn’t care who knew I was angry at this point, because I knew that after today everything between us was about to change.

I stomped around the little town park with my mind in an uproar. What the fuck was she up to this time? Did she have a plan, or was she really going to go through with this shit?

No matter how much I searched myself I couldn’t come up with an explanation for this latest fiasco. I mean, she’s pulled some fast ones in the past, but this shit takes the fucking cake.


Deidre is a spoilt little rich bitch in every sense of the word. She uses daddy’s money to buy her whatever and whomever she wants. She has the sweet innocent look about her that most people can’t see past, except me.

I was probably the first and only person in her life to ever tell her to get the fuck out of my face when she tried her shit with me the first time. I can’t remember exactly what it was she was after then, but it had stopped her in her tracks.

I knew I had shocked her, because her little face had turned red and she’d looked around for somewhere to hide. Then the tears had started and I knew these were real, not the usual crocodile shit she uses to wrap her old man around her finger.

It was then I realized she was just a little girl playing grownup. But that didn’t make me give into her in anyway; it just made me feel sorry for her in a way.

She’s my stepsister, or to the world that’s about all she is. But behind closed doors there’s a different story unfolding. One that if the good people of this town ever found out would shock the shit out of them, especially her dad.

It started innocently enough, as I guess most things like this do. Her dad married my mom almost five years ago. It really didn’t have much to do with me, other than the fact that it had been just mom and I for the longest time since my dad passed away.

It was the beginning of the first year of my masters degree program. I was twenty-three and had already been living away from home since the age of eighteen when I started college on a full scholarship when this happened. So really, I was out of it, or at least I thought I was.

But suddenly I found myself playing big brother to a seventeen-year old girl who wanted nothing to do with me. Like I gave a fuck about her spoilt little ass or her daddy and his money, which was about all he had going for him if you ask me.

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