The parents decided to wait until school was out to have the wedding because they wanted to go on an extended honeymoon. The big idea was for me to babysit the spoilt teen, who thought she was old enough to be on her own.

I couldn’t fault her for that, I kind of agreed with her after all. At seventeen I was self sufficient and wise enough to know how to take care of myself, so I didn’t see why she couldn’t. Plus the fact that I wanted no part in seeing about this brat, or putting up with her shit.

But it was the first thing my mom had ever asked of me that was of importance to her, so how could I refuse after all she’d done for me? It’s not like the shit was life altering or anything.

Plus, I wanted her to be happy in her new marriage; she deserved every ounce of it. So I bit my tongue and let myself be talked into babysitting this twit with a chip the size of Gibraltar on her shoulder.

I had no idea what her damn problem was. Maybe it was because I didn’t fawn all over her when we first met. Or because I never paid her any attention when we were alone in the same room together.

Whatever the reason, she seemed to hate me within days of meeting me, and the fact that I didn’t care only seemed to rile her little ass up all the more.

Half the shit she got up to would’ve earned her an ass whipping from me had she been anyone else. Like if she’d been my woman. But she was the seventeen-year old daughter of the man my mother married so I kept my hands to myself even though they were times I came close.

That first week of the four that they were supposed to be gone was hell. She did everything she could to get under my skin and I refused to let her rattle me, which only seemed to make her act up more.

Her dad was the town’s leading citizen or whatever you call the guy that has the fattest bank account, and gets driven around in a chauffeured car, while living in the biggest house which just happens to sit on a steep hill looking down on everyone else in a small town. While mom and I were nowhere near rich.

We were barely skirting poverty in those days when he and mom got hitched. I figure that was good for mom, I wasn’t looking for any handouts. I was already a man after all.

But it was good to see her enjoying the finer things in life after years of hardship. My interest wasn’t so much in how much money her new husband had, but in how she was being treated.

Once she convinced me that they were genuinely in love, though I couldn’t see it, this guy was nowhere near what I would’ve chosen for her, but I accepted her word and left well enough alone.

As long as she was happy, I was happy and I gave her my blessing with the understanding that I’m always here if shit goes south. As her son and closest living relative I felt it was my duty.

So off they went on their honeymoon while leaving me in some kind of hell with the brat.

For the four weeks they were gone we came to an understanding after she had exhausted all her efforts to drive me mad. She’d stop being a bitch and I won’t break my foot off in her ass.

Yes I threatened her ass with a spanking if she didn’t quit her shit, something she seemed genuinely afraid of. And once she realized that I wasn’t moved by her ‘I’m gonna tell my daddy’ bullshit, she decided to play it safe and stay the hell off my nerves.

Once she settled down she was actually a halfway decent human being with a little bit of common sense. You wouldn’t have believed the change that that one threat brought forth in her.

It’s like no one had ever threatened to discipline her little ass before but the shit was long overdue if you ask me. Whatever! My only interest was in her behaving and that she was still in one piece when our parents got back home.

She still got up to shit, but it was nowhere near what it used to be and we kind of found our groove in the big house that we could’ve walked around in for days without running into each other.

In fact, if it wasn’t for the fact that I was left in charge of her, I wouldn’t have needed to. But, I made sure we had breakfast together everyday, and stayed on top of the plans she made with the other brain dead teenagers she hung out with.

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