“Go see our daughter Hunter.” She barely had enough strength left to say the words. “No, let them bring her to us, I’m not leaving you.” I’ve never seen a human being work so fucking hard at anything before in my life. From now on I’ll have nothing but respect for my wife.

They brought my little angel over and put her in my arms and what little bit of my heart her mother didn’t own she took. I couldn’t really see her little face through the tears in my eyes.

“Look baby, look what we did.” I placed the baby in her tired arms and held the two of them in mine as I sat on the edge of the hospital bed.

“She looks like you Hunter.” I’ve never been prouder in my life than at those words. I had my own little daddy’s girl.

This damn kid is her mother’s spawn. Her mother parked her two-year old ass in the shop so she could go to pregnant yoga whatever the fuck that is, and this little shit has been into everything and then some.

“Delany get out of there.” How many times is this now that I’ve said this shit? Five, six, a hundred? I snatched her up off the floor and decided not to put her back down to play with one of the million toys her mom brought with her because she obviously preferred to get into my shit.

“You want daddy to play with you don’t you baby?”

“Daddy.” She kissed my cheek and put her head down on my shoulder. The classic sign that she was tired and ready for a nap. Which meant I have to jump through hoops to entertain her before she takes her miserable ass to sleep.

I hope this next kid is a boy because damn, this kid is only two and already she runs my shit. Like the mother wasn’t already a handful she had to come with her shit. Between the two of them I haven’t had a moment’s peace since I brought them home from the hospital.

Now instead of one pain in the ass, I have two. My father in law is no help, with his enabling ass. This one is spoilt beyond belief and each time I tell myself I’m going to cut him off, he brings her something that makes her light up and I cave.

Her little head smelt like a baby, and her sweet weight on my chest was everything, and that sweet-sweet feeling in my heart, I’d do it all over again just to have that. “Okay, daddy’s gonna help you get to sleep?” She picked her head up and grinned.

“What’s it gonna be Barney again?” I’ma kill that fucking dinosaur and all the fucks on Sesame Street. Shit gets stuck in my head but I can’t remember the fuck I did yesterday.

She clapped her hands with glee so I guess it was the purple fuck again, for like the one-hundredth time. I slid the DVD into the player and sat in the rocker I keep in the little corner in the shop I cleared just for her.

The show wasn’t on ten minutes before we were both asleep, and that’s how her mother, my wife found us, some time later.

The End

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