We find kids that are at risk, that show signs, symptoms. We find them and we try to help them. Some were too far gone, but some are still normal people.

Still not killers.

I never thought this would be my life and my job. I never thought I’d be working with the love of my life to help save kids from becoming killers. I never thought I’d marry a rich, handsome, beautiful man.

But here I am, pregnant with his baby, and very, very happy.

“Come on,” I say. “I’m starving.”

He kisses me and gets up with a grunt. I roll out of bed, because that’s how you do when you’re pregnant.

I watch him get dressed, brush his teeth, and run his fingers through his hair.

“It’s not fair, you know,” I say. “You don’t need to try and you look like… that.”

He flashes me that smile, the smile that still gives me butterflies.

“You love it.”

“I know.”

He kisses me and we walk downstairs together.

“Food’s up!” Mom calls out as we come into the kitchen. She lives in her own little suite down on the ground level. We have the second and third floors, and she has the first, although most days she comes upstairs and cooks for us, just because.

We sit down and we eat. We walk about the coming day, we joke, we smile, we laugh.

It’s normal. It’s so normal, I could cry.

Every day I’m so thankful for normal. No more bodies, no more murders. Just the rain and our foundation and our growing family.

Fox is somewhere out there. We don’t know where and we don’t talk about him. I know Case left the man money, lots of money. Every penny he made from the sale of Hammett’s End and then some. Fox took it and disappeared. I hear rumors about him still staying in town, but I’m not sure I believe it.

That’s fitting. He was always a mystery to me, so he might as well remain one. Case says he’s dangerous, but I don’t know. It doesn’t matter anymore, not to me, anyway.

We don’t need the past anymore. We have each other. We have the future.

I have Case, my man, my everything. That’s all I could ever ask for and so much more.

Paper bag | 11eyes English Subbed | Gate : Jieitai Kanochi Nite Kaku Tatakaeri BD Subtitle Indonesia