She nods her head. “I’ll take care of it.” I don’t have to think twice about it or remind her because I know she will have everything set up for them. “I know your father hates wearing suits, but I’ll have a couple sent to him to try on.”

“Get the glam stuff for my mother,” I tell her, thinking back to when she went as my date to the Oscars this year. She was all into being “queen” for the day. Watching her eyes light up when I had Harry Winston bring her the diamond necklace that she was wearing for the event had her feeling like she was a girl going to prom. She walked that red carpet and owned it. Luckily, there were no cameras on her face when I told her that the necklace’s worth was between five and seven million dollars and that the guy sitting next to her in the car was accompanying us to make sure she didn’t lose said necklace.

“Ryan wants to give each journalist a day where they spend it one-on-one with you.” I cock my head to the side, waiting for her to explain this shit to me. “So it’s basically each journalist on this trip walks the red carpet with you, taking notes and asking you questions. You get ready together, or you get dressed and they meet you in the lobby, and you start the day.”

I roll my eyes again. “What are the chances I get out of that bullshit?” I ask her honestly.

“I say this isn’t something you should fight him for, especially if your goal is to get a certain journalist tossed from this tour. Also, I already told him you won’t be giving her, her own day either.”

I should be happy she has my back, and I should be happy she took my side, knowing I wouldn’t have to deal with it. I nod my head at her, though, and don’t say anything. When I finally get up and walk back to my seat to face the woman I just reamed out, I see that Jessica isn’t in her seat and her purse and computer are gone also. I look around to see if maybe she moved seats, but I can’t find her.

I can’t look too hard for her without drawing the eyes of the others. I’m literally standing in a lion’s den with the reporters surrounding me. When I walk out of the second room, I see one of the pod’s curtains pulled, so I know someone is in there. I walk past, and I see a glimpse of Jessica on her side with a blanket covering her and tucked under her chin. Her eyes are closed as the movie she had been watching continues to play. Whatever. One day down, twenty-nine more to go. I head to the back of the plane and enter my private oasis; the only place that apparently these fucking reporters won’t be allowed to invade. A full queen bed and private bathroom all to myself. I kick off my shoes and throw myself onto the bed, turning the television on and starting a movie. Feeling unsettled, and pissed off, and irritated really annoys me because I have no idea why I’m feeling any of these things. It has to be the length of this tour, and the requirements of it, and the lack of privacy that have me in a funk. I can’t pinpoint what it is, but that has to be it. Shutting my mind off, I focus on the mindless movie, and it doesn’t take any time before my eyes close, and I fall asleep also.

Chapter Six


Sources spotted a huge engagement ring on this pop star’s new girlfriend. This comes just weeks after they started dating.

The plane finally touches down thirteen hours later in Seoul, and I can’t wait to get out of this tin can. After Tyler literally tossed shit in my face, I went from feeling bad for him to feeling sad to feeling fucking pissed in the span of a few minutes. How dare he judge me and my job? Okay fine, I sometimes do give him a reason to hate me, but most of the time, it really isn’t my fault.

I got up shortly after he did and made my way to one of the pods in the rear of the plane and spent the rest of the time in there, except for going to pee. Even when it was time to eat, I grabbed a sandwich and headed back to my pod. I just didn’t have the energy to be social with anyone.

I take a deep breath as I finally walk down the steps of the plane. The sun is shining in the sky, but my body is bone-ass tired. A huge bus waits for us, and I spot four people moving the luggage. I grab my phone out of my purse and see that I haven’t really missed anything, thankfully. I get on the bus and opt to sit in the first empty seat I come to. Slowly, the bus starts to fill. I’m surprised to see Tyler and Cassie get on the bus. Well, not that I’m looking up; I just hear them. I only raise my head when we get to the hotel. After I grab my key card from Yamina and Yolanda, I collect my luggage and make my way up to my room. Walking into the hotel, I notice the lighting isn’t necessary with the sun shining outside. The hotel is all windows, so it floods the atrium with natural lighting, providing a quaint setting. The reception desk looks like it’s all rock, and the marble floor takes you to the elevators. Looking down at the cardboard paper that my key is in, I see I’m on the fifteenth floor. I get in the elevator with a couple of other people, and slowly, we all get off. Knowing we are a group, the hotel will usually book us together, but no one gets off with me. I grab the key and enter it in the key slot, and when the light turns green, I hear a faint click. Pushing open the door, I see that the whole back wall is floor-to-ceiling windows. I step in and realize how small the room is. Although the view makes it appear much larger. I take off my jacket and toss it on the bed when I’m startled by a knock on the door.

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