And God, what an erection he’s got.




It looks huge behind those nylon shorts of his.

My heart is beating so hard and fast I have no doubt that he can see it under my shirt. I move back another step until the desk stops my retreat. I reach out and grab the edge of the wood, curling my fingers around it, steadying myself. He’s grinning like a damn fool, like he’s a cat that just caught the mouse.

And I’m that mouse.

No way in hell he’s going to think he has any shot with me. Nope, I do not get mixed up with fighters. I know their reputation, know how they fuck anything with legs, anyone who throws themselves at them.

I expect him to be crude and lewd, one of those gym rats who has no filter. But he doesn’t say anything. Instead, he clears his throat and lifts his hand up to rub the back of his head. I watch the way his bicep flexes, the way the material stretches across his chest. I can see the definition of muscle, the strength and power that pours off him in waves.

“I’m Cooper, but my friends call me Coop.”

His voice is so deep, so masculine. I feel parts of my body come alive, intimate parts of me that have never been touched.

I clench my thighs together and try to act like I have my shit in order. But the truth is, my panties are wet right now, and I know my nipples are hard. I can see Cooper dipping his gaze to my breasts continuously.

He takes a step forward and I swallow, trying to control my breathing. I don’t know what it is about this guy, but I instantly feel a reaction. And that just pisses me off. All my life I’ve had everything in control, my school, relationships, or lack thereof, and this guy just walks in and all that control goes out the window?

Hell no.

So, I push myself off the desk and straighten, crossing my arms underneath my breasts and lifting my chin.

I see him checking me out, but I refuse to show that I am reacting to it.

“My eyes are up here, Cooper.” I emphasize his name, and when he looks at me I lift an eyebrow. He has the audacity to smirk wider at me, not even appearing ashamed that he has been caught checking me out.

“So how do you know Coach?” He takes another step toward me and I move around the desk and sit down, putting space between us, simply because being this close to him is having a confusing effect on my body.

“Coach is my uncle.” I don’t delve into personal details about how he pretty much raised me after my father died, and my mother struggled to take care of me.

He doesn’t say anything for long seconds, and we just look at each other. I feel my frustration grow, not because he’s standing there, staring at me, not saying anything, but because my arousal just keeps growing.

He’s a good-looking guy, with his short blond hair and muscular body. He’s tall, far bigger than me, which makes me feel even more petite when standing beside him. He’s got the body of a fighter, big and muscular, with tattoos on his arms and chest. I can see the ink underneath the white fabric of his T-shirt and it makes my pussy wet. It’s a natural reaction, and one he probably gets from every woman he comes in contact with.

I just need to find a way to lock it down.

“Coach said you have some papers for me to fill out?” he says in that deep, gravelly voice that’s oh so sexy.

It takes me a minute to realize what he’s talking about, but then my “oh” face comes on and I start rifling through the papers on Matthew’s desk. I feel flustered, my face still heating because I can feel his gaze on me.

“Here. You have to sign these.” I hold them out but don’t look at him. I can’t, not because I don’t want to, but because I know he’ll be able to see how he affects me. I’m scared he’ll notice my arousal. I’m so wet, I’m worried he might actually smell my hunger for him, because right now all I can think about and smell is the scent of sex in the room. I may not actually know anything about having sex with a real man, but I’ve had fantasies and this guy could easily have starred in every one of them.

After today he probably will.

Still, I’ll be dammed if he’ll know that I’d gladly push all these papers off my desk, pull up my skirt, and beg him to take my virginity.

Yeah, no way Cooper is going to know that.

But as I look at his face, at the smile he’s sporting, I think he might already.

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