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Love at Long Last (Trillium Creek #1)

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Silvia Violet

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Silas had always expected to find his fated mate early in life, like most pack leaders do. But as he nears his fortieth birthday, still single, he begins to accept that maybe he’s not meant to have a mate after all. When he finds an intruder in his territory, a young cop who smells human but also like everything he’s longed for, Silas can’t help but feel a spark of hope. Could this man be part shifter? Could he be Silas’s mate?

Cory’s conservative family believes shifters are evil, but when he meets Silas, he’s shocked by the pack leader’s gentleness and hit with feelings of desire beyond anything he’s ever experienced. All of Cory’s fantasies center around older men who take charge and take care of him, so when Silas asks if he needs a Daddy, all he can say is yes.

Torn between his family’s expectations and the pull he feels toward Silas, Cory knows he’ll have to give up his career if he follows his heart. Silas wants Cory, not fate, to decide if they should be together, so he fights his protective instincts. But an unexpected pregnancy forces their hands, and the two men have to figure out how to fit their lives together. And maybe have love at long last.

Love at Long Last is the first full story in the Trillium Creek series, but you can also enjoy the prequel short, Love at Lupine Bakery. This mm shifter mpreg story contain claws, fangs, knots, cuddling with cocoa and a definite HEA.

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I could smell an unfamiliar omega, but I also smelled a human whose scent was intoxicating, causing me to react like I would to an omega in heat. The human was afraid, and his fear called my wolf to him.

I kept my snout to the ground as I followed the scent. It grew stronger as I neared the cave where my pack sometimes gathered when in wolf form.

What was an unknown human doing in my cave? I should be searching for the omega who was most likely a runaway from another pack, but the call of the human’s scent was too strong to resist. I reached the entrance to the cave. It was narrow, but a large chamber opened up just inside. It had served as a place for wolf shifters to hide from humans long ago, back when they all lived in secret.

When I stepped into the cave, the human’s scent hit me so strongly, the world began to spin. There was something odd about the smell beyond its power over me. It was human and yet… not. The man must be a human-wolf hybrid. He also had to be close by.

I shifted back to human form. Likely he would be scared to meet me in either form, but human was slightly less intimidating. I shivered in the cold, early March air, already missing my fur.

I pulled on a pair of sweatpants from the stash my pack kept in the cave in case anyone needed to resume human form while out in the woods. They were too tight, but they made me decent enough.

As I moved further into the cave, the enticing scent grew stronger. My cock hardened, and my wolf urged me on. Want. Need. I was glad I was in human form where I had better control over my wolf’s primitive urges. Still, I longed to find this tempting man, shove him up against the cave wall, and bury myself inside him. I shook my head, trying to clear it of such thoughts. I felt as if a fog had descended on my brain, making rational thought almost impossible. What was wrong with me? I’d never felt such a strong urge to claim, not even when I’d been with an omega in heat.

I moved further into the cave, down one of the branching tunnels. That’s where I saw him, a lean man wearing a police uniform. He was turned away from me, and his pants hugged his very round ass. Stop staring.

“What are you doing here?”

The man jumped and turned to face me. He was young, no more than twenty-two or twenty-three, and he was beautiful. His dark, wavy hair contrasted with his pale skin. Freckles dotted the bridge of his nose, and his eyes were startlingly blue and so expressive. My wolf liked the fear emanating from him more than it should.

“I’m searching for a missing boy.”

“This is my land. Do you have a warrant?”

“Y-your land? You’re the… the leader of… of the wolf pack?”

There was no point in denying it. “Yes. Now tell me why you’re here.”

“There’s a boy who’s missing. A runaway. He’s been seen in this area, but I didn’t realize… I thought—”

I held up a hand and took a step toward him. His beautiful eyes widened, and I wanted to cup his face and kiss him. I was sure he would taste so sweet.

He backed up until he hit the wall. “Please, sir. Don’t eat me.”

I wanted to eat him, but not the way he thought. “I don’t know what you’ve heard about shifters, but we don’t eat people. I won’t hurt you, boy. I just…” want to seduce you, strip you right here, and fuck you in this cave, “want to know more about this missing boy. Who told you he might be here?”

He was shaking, and the scent of fear was overpowering everything else. As much as my wolf might enjoy the smell, I didn’t like upsetting the boy, but I needed answers.

“Tell me, boy.” I added a slight growl to my words, and he pressed himself harder to the wall, but his scent changed slightly, desire mixing with fear. That was interesting. Very interesting.

Want. Need. Claim. My wolf was restless, and I still felt that fogginess in my brain, like I was in a dream. What was going on? Sure, this boy smelled delicious, like a wolf, and yet not, but men never affected me this strongly.

I took one more step toward him, and he broke.

“The leader of the Oaklawn Pack, sir. He said your pack encouraged the boy to run away, and you were likely helping him.”

That wasn’t much of a surprise. The Oaklawn leader despised me. He favored the old rules which forced shifters into prescribed roles based on their designation as alpha, beta, or omega, and he attempted to rule the pack as a dictator. I was far more liberal. My wolves had freedom to choose their own path in life and their own mates.

HD Aravindante Athidhikal (Malayalam) | The Border (3) | 2018/05/31