In the bed I’d come to adore this creature in all those weeks ago. In the arms of a girl so determined to please me, so transfixed by the power running deep. Surrounded by our belongings together, smashed into one new life, I took that girl with every single drip of ownership in me, my hips thrusting hard in one.

She cried out, teeth gritting tight as her body strained to accommodate, but I didn’t let up. My forehead was pressed to hers, my breath hot on her lips as I ploughed the length of me into the deepest depths of her.

It was brutal. Raw.

Hungry and painful and seriously fucking divine.

She hissed and she spat and she moaned and I fucked her harder. Fucked her with everything. My tongue stealing her mouth as she whimpered for more, and she knew what was coming, she knew what was coming before I flipped her hard onto her front and spit a decent mouthful of lube onto my fingers.

“Get ready for it,” I growled and she nodded then held her breath as I lined up the head of my cock to her tight little puckered hole.

Fuck, how I loved it as much as the rest of her. I took a fistful of hair as I inched myself in there, and this was really it. The perfect balance of cruel and kind, both at once.

I pushed her and she loved it. I kept her teetering on the edge of pain, and it drove her wild.

Just like it always had done, she just hadn’t known it until that one fateful night under the pier.

My balls pressed to the beautiful cheeks of that beautiful ass, and she twisted her face to meet my eyes, and then she said it. She fucking said it.

“I love you, master,” she said. “I’ll always love you.”

I couldn’t hold back the grin as I lowered my full weight down on her, cheek to cheek with my fingers pressed to her throat as I spoke the words I’d been denying for years on end.

“I love you right back, sweetheart,” I told her. “I’ll always love you right back.”

And I would do.

I’d love her until she was qualified at university and we’d worked out a new road through life.

I’d love her until her sister was back on her feet, free from drugs and all set to begin a new life of her own alongside us.

I’d love her through winter festivities with Christmas puddings and friends and family I was learning to love as well. With a brother who’d become the younger brother at my side I’d abandoned when I was too fucked up to care.

With children that looked like Paige Emmerson with my cheekbones. With colourful boots and raincoats in the hall like the ones Amelia George had managed to find on the coast, way before I ever managed it.

And most fulfilling thing of all? Despite all the love tumbling right out of the heart that had grown so cold for such a long fucking time?

The most fulfilling thing of all was that she loved me right back.


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