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Something Fierce (Underground, 1)

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Jenika Snow

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His profession is brutal, savage. Violent.
And it turns her on.

When Tristan got a new roommate in the form of a six-foot-three tattooed and pierced beast of a man, she wasn’t prepared for the instant lust that claimed her. She should have made sure this stayed strictly platonic in nature, but it seemed Kash might have other plans in mind.

The attraction was magnetic and powerful. It was undeniable, no matter how hard they fought it.

When she stumbled upon an underground cage fight, the last person she expected to see was Kash, bloody and bruised and destroying his opponent. She should have run the other way, but instead she found herself aroused and wanting him even more.

Kash was a fighter and a damn good one at that. He’s stayed away from relationships and focused on his craft.

And it’s worked out well for him … until now.

He didn’t mean to get involved with his new roommate, but the curvy little brunette had every possessive instinct in him rising. From the moment he saw her, he was obsessed.
But those well-thought-out intentions are a thing of the past.

Now that he has Tristan, he’s not letting her go.

Warning: If you’re used to Jenika’s insta-love dirty books, you’re still getting it with this one. It has a HEA and features a totally obsessed hero who only wants one woman. Previously published under the same title, this story has been extensively reworked, new content has been added, and it has been re-edited.

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Underground Series by Jenika Snow

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Jenika Snow Books


“What the fuck?” Tristan said, her brows lowering as confusion took root. It was only when she realized what was happening that she tightened her hands on the steering wheel and narrowed her eyes. “You little asshole.”

The small moving van took up most of the driveway, which forced her to park on the side of the street. Her front door and screen were held open with a box, and it took her a solid minute before she felt she was in control enough to actually get out of her car.

Zac, her current roommate, came out of the house with a large box in his arms and a shit-eating grin on his face as he spoke to someone Tristan couldn’t see.

What the fuck?

Although it was clear he was moving out, the prick was clearly not giving her any notice. And to make matters worse, it looked like he was taking her damn microwave.

That fucking bastard!

The little twerp thought he would just skip out on her, leave her high and dry with rent, and not even bother telling her? She’d gotten off work early, so if that hadn’t been the case, she probably would have come home to a semi-empty place and bills piled high.

Once out of the car she made her way past the moving van, stopping and looking in the back and seeing his bed already taken apart, the mattress propped up on it side. Several boxes were lined up, but she had no doubt more would fill the truck.


“Hey, baby, make sure to pack up the gray towels in the bathroom. Those are three-hundred-thread-count Egyptian cotton,” Zac called over his shoulder to whoever was in her house.

When he turned his attention forward and his gaze landed on her, he froze. Tristan could see the color of his face drain slightly before he regained his composure. Anger seethed within her.

“Hey, Tristan.” She could hear the panic in his voice. “I didn’t think you got off for another few hours.”

She gritted her teeth as rage consumed her. “That much is clear.” Coming out of her house in nothing more than a pair of daisy dukes and a cropped tank was a girl who didn’t even look like she was of drinking age. When the woman saw Tristan, she stopped, looked at Zac, and then dragged her gaze back to Tristan.

“Just put that in the truck, Missy,” Zac said, not taking his focus from Tristan.

“What in the hell is going on?” It was obvious what he was doing, but confusion still swirled within her. “You are skipping out on me? Without so much as a fucking phone call?” She opened and closed her mouth, probably looking like some kind of fish out of water. “You’re just leaving me with all the fucking bills?” What kind of asshole did this to a person?

Zac heaved a large sigh and then started moving toward the truck again. “Listen, this is why I didn’t want to tell you I was leaving. You get so pissy about shit like this.”

“Excuse me?” she said, feeling her eyes widen in shock. She moved aside as he walked past her and shoved the box in the back of the truck. “Yeah, I think getting pissy that my roommate is leaving without so much as a warning warrants me getting a little upset.” She looked at her house again and watched Missy head back inside. When her focus was back on Zac, she narrowed her eyes as her shock left and pure hatred took its place.

“I just think it’s time for me to move on.”

Tristan found herself blinking rapidly as she took in what he’d said. She closed her eyes and shook her head. “Zac, I don’t give a shit if you move across the fucking world to move on.” She opened her eyes and stared at him. “But you can’t just up and leave without giving me any kind of notice. We’re roommates, and half the bills are your responsibility. You didn’t give me any time to find someone to take your place.” She lifted her arms in frustration. “How in the hell am I supposed to find someone with no notice? I can’t pay a house bill, the utilities, and the other handful of fucking bills that go with living in a house this size.”

The asshole just stared at her instead of answering her questions.

“Rent is due next week. What the hell am I supposed to do about that?”

He shrugged as if her panic didn’t even warrant an explanation.

“That’s not my problem anymore, Tristan.”

“We have a lease, Zac. You can’t just do this.”

“No, you have the lease in your name. It’s your issue, not mine.”

She curled her hands into fists at her sides so tight she couldn’t have been surprised if her nails broke skin.

Her teeth were sure to break if she clenched them any harder. A year he’d been living with her. They weren’t anything more than roommates, and although he was a pompous asshole, he’d paid his share of the bills on time and left her the hell alone.

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