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The Baby Deal

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Jenika Snow

Sam Crescent

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The deal was simple.

Alexis wanted a baby and so did Deacon. No dotted line to sign on, no lawyers involved. Just an agreement between two neighbors to get her knocked up and have the one thing they both desperately desired.

A baby.

And as easy as that sounded, how uncomplicated it should have all been, it was anything but.

Alexis was in love with Deacon.

Deacon was in love with Alexis.

But both were too afraid to admit how they felt to the other … until they weren’t.

It should’ve been a simple agreement—a baby deal—but it turned out to be so much more.

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Alexis watched Deacon work on his motorcycle, the sun beating down on his big, muscular body, his skin showing a light sheen of sweat. Her heart started racing, desire pumping through her veins. A few of his buddies were over helping him, music coming from the garage in a low rhythm, their deep, masculine laughter seeming to echo.

“Dude, she’s gorgeous,” one of Deacon’s friends said.

“She’s too reserved for my taste. Besides, no way she’d give you any,” another one of Deacon’s friends said as he tipped his beer bottle back and chugged it.

They couldn’t see Alexis from her vantage point, with the shadows of the porch and lattice blocking her partially. She was focused on Deacon, though. He didn’t respond to his friends, just kept working on his motorcycle.

She brought her cold glass of lemonade up and placed it on her neck, the chill from the liquid coming through the glass and cooling her overheated skin. It wasn’t even that hot outside, but looking at Deacon, watching him for far longer than was probably healthy or normal, always had her temperature rising.

“I’m not into talking about that shit, and you know it.” Deacon tossed his wrench aside and looked over at his friends. “I’m also not into talking about women like they are nothing more than a piece of ass.”

She glanced over at his friends once he was finished speaking and saw their expressions, although they didn’t seem shocked by his response.

“Yeah, yeah. We know.” One of the guys held up his hands in surrender. “Dude, we know where you stand on all that. We are just shooting the shit.”

“We know you’re waiting for the right one,” his other friend said and laughed, as if Deacon waiting for his soulmate was something funny. Deacon made this deep sound, which had both of them shutting up and sobering.

“I just don’t think sticking you dick in anything that moves makes you a man. I’d much rather wait for the right one, show some respect, you know, shit like that.” Deacon sounded pissed.

And although she knew she couldn’t be seen, Deacon glanced over at her house after he spoke. Alexis’ heart started pounding hard and fast, and she sat straighter in her chair. A breeze picked up and moved along her exposed arms, causing goosebumps to pop out over her flesh.

At twenty-eight years old she was single, but she liked it that way, or at least she had. With only one boyfriend under her belt, one who had put a bad taste in her mouth years ago, she’d stayed away from men in general. Because of that messy breakup she steered away from being in relationships.

And then five years ago Deacon had moved in next door, the townhouses she lived in giving her space, but also making it slightly intimate having him directly beside her. Even though she hadn’t been in a relationship for far longer than she was comfortable admitting, for the last five years Deacon was the only one she thought about, the only one who could make her feel desire again.

It was that arousal that had her staying away though. She knew if she even brought it up she’d feel awkward, humiliated maybe.

But it wasn’t just a relationship, sexual or platonic, that Alexis wanted with Deacon. She wanted him in her life. She wanted a baby.

She had a stable career, a nice home, and money saved in the bank. What she didn’t have was a man in her life or the child she desperately wanted. She wasn’t getting any younger, and going to a sperm bank didn’t really appeal to her. She wanted the father of her baby to have a relationship with the child, to have a relationship with her.

Alexis could’ve laughed at her thoughts. It was ridiculous to even want a relationship with Deacon, let alone want him as the father of her child. In the last five years since he’d been living next door to her they had just been on friendly terms. He had never shown any interest in her in a sexual way.

What was she supposed to do, go up to him and tell him she wanted his baby in her? She did laugh at herself then, a little too loud, which had all three men glancing over at her. She felt her face heat, her focus right on Deacon. She swore he was staring right at her.

Alexis stood, her fingers tightly wrapped around the glass, and headed inside. She’d already made a fool out of herself, no point in trying to prolong that. Hiding away from Deacon was what she was good at anyway. Hell, she’d been running from him and her emotions for a long time.

She walked over to the side window and glanced at it, still able to see the three men.

“Dude, your neighbor is hot as fuck. She looks like a girl next door. Bet she’d give you some deep dicking,” one of the friends said.

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